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The Brandywine Workshop and Archives is hosting a SOAPBOX for Cultural Equity this Saturday July 23, 2016 and Sunday July 24, 2016 at the Grass Plaza at Brandywine Workshop 728 S. Broad Street (Avenue of the Arts) Philadelphia, PA.  Come and listen to speakers from all art disciplines, educators, administrators, art students, and elected officials who will offer statements on the importance of S.T.E.A.M(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning in education and the role of the arts in enhancing student performance and building strong communities socially and economically where ethnic diversity, history and culture are celebrated. The events are Free starting at 3:00 PM


Private Reception for all speakers
Immediately after the SOAPBOX for Cultural Equity

Saturday, July 23, 2016, 7:00 PM

If you are a patron of the arts and would like to meet and network with the speakers after the SOAPBOX, you can purchase a ticket to attend a Private Reception starting at 7:00 PM at Brandywine studios, 728 S. Broad Street.  In addition to mingling with others who share your concerns for cultural equity, there will live Jazz, special discounts on print purchases, meet Michael Platt (the current artists being shown in the Lobby Gallery) and get a first look at the special edition prints just competed by Odili Donald Odita and a collaborative work by Allan Edmunds andSonia Sanchez, drinks and light refreshments. Tickets are $45/person. Space is limited so order your tickets now.

Here are the 20 speakers:

Allan L. Edmunds

Michael B. Platt

Bobbi Booker


Darryl Thomas

 Cleous G. Young  
Naomi Nelson

Doris Nogueira-Rogers

Bea Joyner

Shannon Newby

Nadine Patterson

Smiley Jonez
State Rep. Dwight Evans
Bob Lee

Council Member Laurie Cumbo, NYC
(Tentative )

Sabrina Vourvoulias
Juan Hurtado

Blondell Reynolds Brown
Sonia Sanchez
State Senator
Anthony Hardy Williams