Process and InventionSix Women Printmakers, in Printed Image Gallery, June 20–September 29.

A group exhibit which focuses on mixed-media, traditional, photographic and digital print processes.

The theme, as presented by the Printed Image Gallery, was to organize an invited exhibition of women artists-printmakers who would be new to the institution and reflect, the range of talent and diverse processes. In an effort to look for printmakers outside the Brandywine Workshop and Archives’ visiting artists series, we encountered a group of artists that organically stirred us into our original premise for an exhibition of mixed-media printmaking. We selected these artists for their common exploration of new possibilities in printmaking through the creation of works that combine traditional printmaking such as etching, intaglio, lithography or serigraphy with other mediums and/or techniques.

The aesthetic throughout this collection of works is one of images that incorporate external environment and its connection with the metaphysical. These artists seek to find process as a layered language that is meditative in meaning or socially connective.



Marta Sanchez and Doris Nogueira-Rogers