Artist Henry Bermudez signing his completed edition of prints at the conclusion of his Libby Newman Fellowship.

Libby Newman Fellowship

Year II
In support of 
Philadelphia Based Artists to Produce an Edition of Prints


Current Application Period: Open until March 31, 2018.

About Libby Newman

Libby Newman BFA ‘80 at the University of the Arts in Printmaking, a government arts advocate and spokesperson, the founding director & curator of the University City Science Center Art Gallery (Esther M. Klein Gallery). Curator for Governor Thornberg. Her work is in the collection of over 32 museums and libraries around the world. She was given the honor as being selected to be A Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania.

Statement by Libby Newman

I applied for an internship at the Brandywine Workshop in 1984 to learn more about printmaking under the guidance of master printers currently at the Brandywine. Allan Edmunds had shown such a commitment and knowledge the art that I knew I could learn a great deal from him. My thinking proved correct. I believe in giving back to the art community that has always been so generous to me.

Residency Eligibility Requirements and Goals of the Residency

The Fund, approximately $1,200 a year, is given to a local artist not currently enrolled in an University Program, for an residency at  Brandywine Workshop. All projects must include some use of the print medium or printing process, analog or digital, or a combination of processes. The money is provided to cover the costs for materials and the master printer and assistants. The project should be accomplished during the months of April to October of the Fund receiving year. If the artist works with multiples , the artist could distribute images.

Distribution of Completed Art Works/ Multiples/Prints

Prints retained by Brandywine with be deposited into its permanent collections/archives, offered for distribution to partner institutions as part of the satellite collections program, included in local and traveling exhibitions. The remainder of the multiples/prints will be offered for sale to help fund future visiting artist’s residencies and add to the deGuatemala Scholarship Fund.


Please submit one email with the following items, with the subject line “Libby Newman Fellowship Application 2018” :

  1. -Artist must submit a current resume and artist statement (1-2 Page minimum) of activities and accomplishments. The artist statement should be a maximum of 500.
  2. -A short description of your proposed project. This Should me a maximum of 250 words. 
  3.  –6-8 images created within the past three years in digital format (No larger than 1920px long side, 72dpi, jpg). You may also mail hard copy using a CD of your images to Brandywine Workshop. Be sure to provide with each image or on a separate sheet of paper- title, dimensions, medium and date.
  4. All materials should be emailed to: You may combine everything into a single PDF file.

Current Application Period: Submit all three items by March 31, 2018, at 5:00 PMThis is not a postmarked deadline, incomplete applications and those submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Notification of Acceptance: by email.