While we are still in the early development stage, the Digital Portal Project: brandywine.art, a free open source educational outreach service of Brandywine Workshop and Archives, is now active.

The construction of the database will continue over the next several months with the addition of videos, animations, lesson plans and a variety of instructional resources. You can visit, browse current resources, register as a “Charter User,” check- out our institutional partners and advisors at brandywine-art.org, as well as, read the first issue of the digital magazine at brandywine-art.org/magazine.

NEXT: The launch of the new website targeting young artists, high school teachers and students. This website will highlight activities of joint efforts with The ExCITe Center for expressive technologies at Drexel University, iCreatezone.com Look for it!

We are requesting that all visitors register so that we can send them newsletters, alert then to social media postings and other news and materials of interest. Let’s Connect!

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