A national center for printmaking, the Brandywine Workshop has sponsored over 350 artists’ residencies since it was founded in 1972. It has attracted artists from 35 states and 15 foreign countries and traveled exhibits to more than 30 foreign cities in Europe, the Middle and Near East,
Africa and Latin America. An important art education center, it provides exhibits of culturally diverse artists, offers internship for local high school and college art students, conducts adult lectures and seminars, and publishes catalogs. In addition, Brandywine serves as a community


organizing and development resource through its collaborations with other local cultural institutions and its support for community and economic development.

Our past achievements include: the creation of an “artists in public service program” in the ‘70s that employed 38 artists in 42 neighborhoods citywide, creating over 30 wall murals and art parks in neighborhoods in North and South Philadelphia.

 By the late 90s, Brandywine expanded its facilities ten-fold to 40,000 square feet with the development of the Center for the Visual Arts on Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts. The increased space and prominent location helped the organization expand its services in a variety of ways. The Latin American Guild for the Arts uses the facility for mailings and meetings, as well as the Jubilee Village Association and other non-profits.

The increased visibility of the collection through the gallery exhibitions and related events have benefited print sales used to underwrite the cost of residency programs.

Brandywine prints are frequently highlighted in major museum exhibitions and catalogs, and held in private collections. Brandywine Workshop has also seen strong growth in

institutional partnerships among university galleries and arts museums.