Brandywine Workshop and Archives

Founded in 1972 as the Brandywine Graphic Workshop, the organization remains committed to the creation, documentation and preservation of a legacy of culturally diverse American art and insuring the participation of multi-ethnic artists and audiences in the field of fine art printmaking and related media technologies. It moved from its first location at 1923 Brandywine Street in North Philadelphia’s Spring Garden section to the South of South Street community in the downtown section of South Philadelphia and began using the name Brandywine Workshop.

During the early 1990s, Brandywine renovated a national historic four-story firehouse at 730-32 S Broad Street into the Firehouse Art Center, which became the first new arts venue to open on the newly designated Avenue of the Arts cultural district. By the mid-1990s, the organization completed construction on a new four-story studio and office building at 1404-1410 Pemberton Street (aka 728 S Broad Street) and created a foundation for a permanent role in the advancement of the Avenue of the Arts, South and the surrounding neighborhoods redevelopment.

The Brandywine Workshop donated a portion of its land holdings at 734-36 S Broad Street to facilitate the construction of the new home for the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz. In addition to many collaborations with the Clef Club, Brandywine also provides free space in its Glass Lobby Gallery and studios for literary programs of the Moonstone Art Center, hosts programs in support of Philly’s growing fashion industry and its talented young designers from all ethnic groups.

Brandywine Workshop and Archives provides a number of professional development opportunities for artists such as exhibitions, lectures, visiting artist residencies and inclusion in permanent collections where we have developed strong partnerships.

The Workshop mentors and trains high school and college students through its internship program, which develops skills in edition printmaking, video production and archival collections management.

Brandywine is connected to over 14 institutions nationally through Satellite Collections of its prints and will soon offer free access over the Internet to its libraries- audio and video archives, digital images, publications and instructional resources.

History highlights include: hosting residences for more than 350 artists from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, traveling exhibitions to more than 35 cities abroad and building one of the mostly important collections of contemporary, culturally diverse printmaking in America.

2017 Lifetime Award Gala

On October 4, 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania at the National Gallery of Art, a retrospective exhibition of the artist-printmaker @RomasViesulas will open. The exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary of Viesulas' birth and the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian Independence. Brandywine is planning a celebration of his Philly legacy to open October 17th with and exhibition of the former Tyler School of Art faculty member and friend /supporter of Brandywine who passed away in 1986. Below, "Olympics" , a lithograph printed with Brandywine in 1984. ...

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We want to know, if you are having trouble registering for next Saturday's Artist-Printmaker, Teacher -Student Activities. If yes, just drop us an email at ...

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Director Allan Edmunds was reflecting on the joy and inspiration brought to people all over the world by the Rocky Movies as evidenced by the fact that the most visited tourist site in Philly is the Rocky Balboa statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Currently @Sylvestre Stallone and @MichealB.Jordan are filming CREED II in Philly. Here independent filmmaker @ShannonNewby shares the role of iconic imagery with Brandywine's iCreate students and others during the 2016 DNC convention SOAP BOX for the arts.

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