The Mission of Brandywine Workshop

Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) is a diversity-driven, non-profit cultural institution that produces and shares art to connect, inspire and build bridges among global communities. BWA’s creative expression is fostered through collaboration and processes that employ conventional as well as emerging technologies.


Countdown to excellence. Come out in 4 days to see the new print by @WillieCole, one of this year's visiting artists, and engage with him in a wide range of creative ideas. #printmaking #artmatters ...

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4 days until Willie Cole's talk and 5 days until Viesuals exhibit opens. ...

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6 days ago

Brandywine Workshop & Archives

Willie Cole transforms everyday domestic objects such as irons and shoes into sculptures and graphics with their associated utility extended to reflect upon cultural antiquities, labor, cosmology, ritual, and personal histories. Cole shares his inspirations and studio practice at Brandywine on Tuesday, 10.16.18 at 6:00 PM. It's free. A reception follows. ...

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