The Mission of Brandywine Workshop

Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) is a diversity-driven, non-profit cultural institution that produces and shares art to connect, inspire and build bridges among global communities. BWA’s creative expression is fostered through collaboration and processes that employ conventional as well as emerging technologies.
2017 Lifetime Award Gala

Happy birthday today to @Phyllis Thompson. Many years ago she created this lithographic print, "Carrot Cakewalk" 30" x44" at Brandywine. ...

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2 more days until the awards gala and the viewing of the new print by @Sonya Clark created for patrons. A lot of detailed cutting by hand after some by laser, tremendous volunteer support from the artists who support Brandywine. Special thanks to Marta Sanchez, Michelle Marcuse, Doris Nogiera Rogers, Gustavo Garcia and Miguel Horn. #artmatters #brandywineart #printmaking ...

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